• 2012
    Company initiated operations in Bangalore
  • 2014
    Established a strategic partnership with Solarworld, Germany, for expanding business in India.
  • 2015
    Relocated to a new office in Vijaynagar, Bangalore, to facilitate growth and enhance operations.
  • 2016
    Successfully completed the construction of 4 MWp (Megawatts peak) rooftop solar plants in Bangalore.
  • 2017
    Formed a partnership with Solaredge, Israel, to distribute inverters across India.
  • 2017
    Introduced solar panel testing services, including Thermography, EL (Electroluminescence), and IV (Current-Voltage) testing.
  • 2018
    Entered into a partnership with SunPower, USA, to further strengthen the company's presence in the Indian market.
  • 2019
    Achieved a significant milestone by completing 10 MWp of rooftop solar installations in Bangalore.
  • 2020
    Successfully conducted Thermography testing of 6 GWp of Solar Modules.
  • 2021
    Established SunPower's dealer network across 13 states in India.
  • 2021
    Launched distribution warehouses in Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai.
  • 2022
    Completed Thermography testing of 9 GWp of Solar Modules.
  • 2022
    Achieved a successful sale of 120 MWp of SunPower Modules in India.
  • 2023
    Completed 12 MWp rooftop installations in Bangalore.
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