Welcome to the world of SunPower Performance solar panels, where cutting-edge technology meets over three decades of materials and manufacturing expertise. Our panels redefine excellence by surpassing the performance, reliability, and aesthetics of conventional solar panels.

Innovation that Powers Reliability

Since 2015, SunPower has pioneered the use of shingled cell technology, reimagining solar panels to deliver enhanced reliability and durability, meeting the rigorous demands of energy providers worldwide. With an impressive deployment of over 7 GW to date, our international portfolio of patents and patent applications secures our technological advantage, ensuring SunPower Performance panels remain a dominant force in the solar market.

Trusted Durability

SunPower’s innovative shingled cell design represents a seismic shift in solar technology, providing unparalleled strength and performance. Here's how SunPower does it:

  • Aerospace-Inspired Connectivity - We employ conductive adhesives developed for aerospace applications, reinforcing cell connections to withstand daily temperature fluctuations.
  • Redundant Connections - We create flexible pathways for electricity flow, mitigating the impact of cell cracks on power output through redundant cell connections.
  • Preserving Performance - Proprietary encapsulants shield cells from environmental exposure, minimizing degradation.
More Lifetime Energy

SunPower Performance panels are engineered to deliver exceptional results, producing up to 8% more energy within the same space over the first 25 years compared to conventional mono PERC panels.

Proven Reliability

Not all solar panels are created equal. The reliable operation of your solar panels in real-world conditions is essential to achieving your energy production and savings goals. Our design and engineering make all the difference when it comes to performance in challenging conditions, such as shading:

  • Solving for Shading : Whether it's leaves, birds, or nearby structures casting shadows, our solar panels are designed to maintain reliable performance in shaded conditions, resulting in substantial savings on your electric bill.
Recognized Excellence

SunPower Performance panels received accolades as a Top Performer in the 2021 PVEL PV Module Reliability Scorecard. This prestigious recognition is based on data from the Product Qualification Program (PQP), showcasing the exceptional reliability performance of solar panel manufacturers worldwide.

Choose SunPower Performance solar panels and experience the future of solar energy, where innovation, durability, and performance converge to power your world.

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