This case study highlights the remarkable energy efficiency achieved by RP Metals, a leading MS pipe manufacturing company located in Bidadi, Karnataka. Faced with soaring energy bills of over 21 lakhs per month, RP Metals embarked on a sustainable journey by partnering with Suntrop Solar. The installation of a 738kW solar rooftop system equipped with SolarWorld mono panels and SolarEdge inverters has transformed their energy consumption and paved the way for a greener future.


RP Metals faced the significant challenge of escalating energy costs, putting a strain on their operational expenses. The company recognized the need for a sustainable solution to reduce their reliance on conventional grid electricity and lower their energy bills.


To address this challenge, RP Metals collaborated with Suntrop Solar to install a customized solar rooftop system. The 738kW system comprised high-efficiency SolarWorld mono panels and SolarEdge inverters, known for their advanced monitoring capabilities and maintenance efficiency.


In 2017, RP Metals successfully commissioned the 738kW solar rooftop system on their premises in Bidadi, Karnataka. The solar panels, strategically installed on the rooftops, harnessed the power of the sun to generate clean electricity and offset a significant portion of their energy consumption.

  • Impressive Energy Generation: The installed solar rooftop system has the capacity to generate over 10.77 lakhs units of clean electricity annually. This substantial energy output has enabled RP Metals to meet approximately 30% of their total energy requirements from solar power, significantly reducing their reliance on grid electricity.
  • Real-time Monitoring and Control: RP Metals enjoys a unique advantage with SolarEdge's module-level monitoring system. This feature provides them with real-time insights into solar generation, total energy consumption within the factory, and the consumption from BESCOM (Bangalore Electricity Supply Company). Such granular monitoring capabilities allow RP Metals to optimize their energy usage and identify areas for improvement.
  • Enhanced Maintenance Efficiency: The SolarEdge inverters' module-level monitoring system not only facilitates real-time monitoring but also streamlines maintenance practices. With detailed visibility into each solar panel's performance, RP Metals can identify and address any maintenance issues promptly, ensuring optimal system efficiency.
  • Sustainable and Cost Savings: By generating a substantial portion of their energy needs from solar power, RP Metals has achieved significant cost savings on their monthly energy bills. The switch to clean and renewable energy sources has also contributed to a reduced carbon footprint, enhancing RP Metals' commitment to environmental sustainability.

The successful implementation of a 738kW solar rooftop system at RP Metals demonstrates the transformative power of solar energy in the MS pipe manufacturing industry. Through their collaboration with Suntrop Solar, RP Metals has significantly reduced their energy costs, achieved a considerable share of solar energy in their total consumption, and established robust monitoring capabilities for optimized performance and maintenance. This case study exemplifies RP Metals' commitment to sustainable practices and serves as an inspiring example for other industries seeking to embrace renewable energy for a greener future.

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