This case study highlights the success story of Sudarshan Electrical, a prominent electrical store located in Rajajinagar. Faced with challenges in obtaining a reliable electrical connection, Sudarshan Electrical turned to Suntrop Solar for a customized solution. By installing an off-grid solar rooftop system comprising SunPower X series panels and SMA inverters, Sudarshan Electrical achieved complete energy independence, powering their entire operation, including five floors and an elevator, without any power cuts or electricity charges.


Sudarshan Electrical encountered difficulties in obtaining a consistent and reliable electrical connection, which hindered their operations and posed a threat to their business continuity. They required a sustainable and independent energy solution that would ensure uninterrupted power supply.


To address Sudarshan Electrical's energy challenges, Suntrop Solar provided a customized off-grid solar rooftop system. This solution involved the installation of SunPower X series panels, renowned for their efficiency and durability, coupled with SMA inverters that efficiently convert solar energy into usable electricity.


Sudarshan Electrical successfully implemented the off-grid solar rooftop system on their premises. The SunPower X series panels were installed on the rooftop to harness solar energy throughout the day. The SMA inverters, along with a customized battery bank, allowed Sudarshan Electrical to store excess solar energy and use it during non-sunlight hours, ensuring uninterrupted power supply.

  • Energy Independence: The off-grid solar rooftop system provided Sudarshan Electrical with complete energy independence. They no longer had to rely on external electrical connections, ensuring uninterrupted power supply even in areas with unreliable grid infrastructure.
  • Reliable Power for All Floors: SudarshanElectrical's entire operation, including their five floors and elevator, runs seamlessly on the solar system. The solar panels generate sufficient electricity to meet their energy needs, providing uninterrupted power for all their activities.
  • Freedom from Power Cuts and Electricity Charges: Sudarshan Electrical has enjoyed eight years of uninterrupted power supply without experiencing any power cuts. Additionally, they have completely eliminated electricity charges, significantly reducing their operating expenses and enhancing their financial stability.
  • Environmental Sustainability: By embracing solar energy and operating off-grid, Sudarshan Electrical has significantly reduced their carbon footprint and contributed to a cleaner environment. Their commitment to renewable energy aligns with their values as an electrical store and sets an example for sustainable practices.

The successful implementation of an off-grid solar rooftop system by Sudarshan Electrical demonstrates the transformative potential of solar energy for businesses facing challenges with electrical connectivity. By partnering with Suntrop Solar and installing SunPower X series panels with SMA inverters, Sudarshan Electrical has achieved complete energy independence, powering their entire operation without any power cuts or electricity charges. This case study serves as an inspiration for other businesses, highlighting the benefits of customized off-grid solar solutions in ensuring uninterrupted power supply, reducing operating expenses, and contributing to environmental sustainability.

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