This case study showcases the success story of Sreedhar Medicals, a renowned medical store located in Rajajinagar. Recognizing the need to reduce their energy costs and embrace sustainable practices, Sreedhar Medicals partnered with Suntrop Solar to install a solar rooftop system. With the installation of SunPower panels and SolarEdge inverters, Sreedhar Medicals has experienced significant energy savings and protection against increasing energy tariffs.


Sreedhar Medicals faced the challenge of rising electricity costs, with their monthly electricity bill from BESCOM exceeding Rs 30,000. The increasing energy tariffs posed a financial burden on the business, impacting their profitability.


To overcome the challenge, Sreedhar Medicals decided to adopt solar energy as a sustainable solution. They collaborated with Suntrop Solar, who recommended the installation of a solar rooftop system. The system consisted of 19.26kW SunPower panels known for their high efficiency and reliability, paired with SolarEdge inverters for optimized performance.


Sreedhar Medicals successfully installed the solar rooftop system on their premises in Rajajinagar. The SunPower panels were strategically placed on the rooftop to capture maximum solar energy throughout the day. The SolarEdge inverters ensured efficient energy conversion and allowed for module-level monitoring, enabling better system maintenance and performance optimization.

  • Drastic Reduction in Energy Bills: The installation of the solar rooftop system has resulted in a significant reduction in Sreedhar Medicals' monthly energy bill. Previously exceeding Rs 30,000 per month, their current bill is now below Rs 3,000 per month. This substantial savings in energy costs has directly contributed to their bottom line.
  • Protection Against Increasing Energy Tariffs: By switching to solar energy, Sreedhar Medicals has safeguarded themselves against the annual increase in energy tariffs. The predictable and fixed nature of solar energy has provided them with stability and immunity to rising electricity costs, ensuring long-term cost savings.
  • Environmental Sustainability: The adoption of solar energy by Sreedhar Medicals has made a positive impact on the environment. By relying on clean and renewable energy, the medical store has significantly reduced its carbon footprint and contributed to a greener future.
  • Client Satisfaction: Sreedhar Medicals is highly satisfied with their decision to go solar. The substantial reduction in their energy bills and protection against increasing energy tariffs have had a positive impact on their business operations and financial stability. They have experienced the benefits of embracing sustainable practices and are proud to contribute to environmental conservation.

Sreedhar Medicals' adoption of solar rooftop solutions exemplifies the transformative potential of solar energy for businesses. By partnering with Suntrop Solar and installing SunPower panels with SolarEdge inverters, Sreedhar Medicals has not only achieved significant energy savings but also protected themselves against escalating energy tariffs. This case study serves as an inspiration for other businesses, highlighting the financial and environmental benefits of embracing solar energy and taking a proactive stance towards sustainability.

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